Each Wood Stone Home oven installation is unique. Because our ovens can be installed indoors or outdoors, recommendations for ventilation vary. All indoor installations require an exhaust fan, but most outdoor installations do not. Please consult your contractor or call the factory if you have any questions.

Outdoor Installations

If your Wood Stone Home oven is being installed outdoors, without the protection of covering from above (i.e. roof, patio, gazebo, etc...**), the flue of the oven will need to be protected from the elements with a rain cap. You can supply your own (see photo, bottom right), or Wood Stone can provide a telescoping flue and rain cap for your outdoor oven application. This accessory arrives fully assembled and installed on your oven and simply needs to be extended fully before starting your oven.


**Please note, if you are installing your oven outdoors under a covered area, it may need to be vented similar to an indoor installation. Please see the venting section of your oven’s  Installation and Operation manual

Outdoor Chimney Assemblies

Wood Stone offers two different chimney assembly options. A standard flue and a telescoping flue. For additional information regarding which option might be best for your outdoor installation, please call us at 800.578.6836 and speak with a customer service representative.

For details about how to install a Wood Stone Home oven outdoors, please review the Installation and Operation manual for your oven.

Standard Flu

Standard Flu

Telescoping Flu

Telescoping Flu


Variable Speed Exhaust Fan (WS-GSV)

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 10.51.07 AM.png

Wood Stone is proud to carry the world’s finest line of oven exhaust fans for gas and solid-fuel venting applications. The fans are designed to withstand the high temperatures associated with stone hearth cooking, and creosote production that results from solid fuel burning. The construction of the exhaust fans’ axial vanes creates a self-cleaning effect. Whether venting your Wood Stone Home oven through a hood or through a direct chimney connection, the WS-GSV is the perfect fan for the job.

Made in Denmark by Enervex (formerly Exhausto), the direct-drive WS-GSV fans are rated for continuous operation at 450° F. Please see below to view their spec sheet for additional information:

For details about how to install an exhaust fan, please review the Installation and Operation manual for your oven.


  • Not restricted to any type of chimney or grease duct

  • Installation at duct or chimney termination point; vertical or side-wall mounted

  • Heavy cast-aluminum, corrosion-resistant fan housing can be opened for easy cleaning/service

  • Centrifugal impeller in cast aluminum

  • Direct-drive, variable-speed motor - Class H insulated

  • Approved for temperatures up to 575°F (300°C)

  • Maintenance-free, permanently lubricated motor with sealed ball bearings


Spec Sheet (.pdf)
Exhaust Fan Spec Sheet

Installation & Operation Manual
Enervex 009-016.pdf